Recommended books

* Graffiti Argentina, by Maximiliano Ruiz
A compilation of graffiti photos and highlights from interviews with Argentine and foreign graffiteros who tell the story of Buenos Aires graffiti from the early '90s, when the scene started to develop.

* The Whispering Land, by Gerald Durrell
Naturalist and writer Gerald Durrell describes his journey to the vast, bleak plateau of Patagonia, where the wind whispers incessantly. His perceptive observations of both animals and the human species, plus his sensitivity and sense of humour, make the reading of this book a memorable experience.

Sea lions. Photo: Wikipedia.

About sea lions Durrell wrote: They were heavenly creatures, and I decided that, should I ever have the chance of being an animal in this world, I would choose to be a sea lion so that I might enjoy having such a wonderful wife.

*The Old Patagonian Express, by Paul Theroux
In the 1970s, American writer P. Theroux made a journey from Boston to Argentina by train. The book is an account of the end of his journey in Argentine Patagonia where he travelled to the foot of the Andes on a narrow gauge railway (la Trochita), pulled by a steam locomotive.

La Trochita today. Photo: Wikipedia

* Bad Airs in Buenos Aires, by Miranda France
Freelance British journalist M. France focuses on some turbulent years in Argentine history and analyses the average Argentine's character -unhappy and arrogant, she concludes. The information she supplies is accurate even if her angle of perception seems to be invariably negative.

Can you recommend any other good book about Argentina?

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