Eating on a budget

When looking for a tasty, inexpensive meal in San Telmo, you may end up in one of these places:

Oleiros: Piedras 850. Typical bodegón (like the dining-room of an ordinary house, but much bigger). Spanish food, good fish. The quality of the mashed potatoes depends on the cook's mood. Service anything but quick. See: El refugio de Oleiros

Caracol: Bolivar and Hº Primo. Fresh, almost home-made food.

Molière: Balcarce and Chile. A three-course meal, wine included, for A$ 31,00. Only for lunch and on weekdays.


* If you're in the mood for a takeaway beef or chorizo sandwich (choripan), your place is the mini-grill at
471 Carlos Calvo St.

Suggestions to combine good eating with frugal spending welcomed.

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