Magellanic Penguins in Punta Tombo, Peninsula Valdés

Marine fauna in Patagonia

Until late November we will be able to enjoy the presence of the Right Whales which come to Península Valdés every year (in early June) in order to mate and nurse their babies. About sixty newly born whales will make their way back to the Southern Seas, along with their mothers, when the weather begins to get too hot. The deep waters of the Golfo Nuevo provide a priviledged place to give birth and nurse the baby whales - which have to be pushed to the surface as soon as they're born so that they begin to breathe.

Most penguin colonies in the peninsula and the continent live in permanent settlements, though some penguins come from the coast of Brazil before the summer starts. Both sea lions (or fur seals) and elephant seals stay throughout the year.

Ballena franca in Puerto Madryn