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Empanadas are a traditional Argentine snack. Each region has its own variety: hot and juicy in Mendoza; rather sweet, with raisins, in Córdoba and with bits of potato in the North. Empanadas are very easy to make. Here's a basic recipe for the beef variety:

* Fry 750 g. of chopped onions until they are transparent. Add 500 g. of minced beef and the spices: salt, pepper, oregano and a little cumin. Mix, cover and let cook over a medium flame for about 7 minutes (mix from time to time). Then add two hard-boiled eggs, chopped, and 100 g. of green olives.

* Get two dozen empanada discs (tapas para empanadas) preferably from a pasta shop. Wet the edges of the disc and scoop a fat tbsp. of the mixture onto it. Fold and press both sides with your fingers or a fork. Bake at 400 F until the empanadas are golden. Good luck!

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